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Still Here

I can't believe that 2016 is halfway finished and I can't remember the last time I made an entry in this damn thing....soooooo pathetic :) Let's see, I'm still in Las Vegas, I still have the same stupid job in fact, everything is basically the same. Okay well that's it for now. Tune in next year when I make another dazzling entry :)

Ducky's Still Here

Damn, how long has it been since I was last here? Shit can't remember...oh, well....Thanksgiving has thankfully come and gone now time to gear up for St. Nicholas Day and Christmas. Sucks to have to buy 2x the gifts but on the plus side love to get 2x the gifts. I'm such a masochist...been at the same shitty job for nearly 10 years now (Jan 25) don't think I'll ever leave unless they fire my ass, in which case if they don't, THEY'RE the masochists. Las Vegas isn't too bad except it's been dry as a bone and temps are still too warm, meh. Gee, as exciting as it is (pffft), that's it for now until sometime in the distant future when I remember I still have an account on LJ. Happy Holidays!


It's been a loooooong time

Geez, I can't remember the last time I've posted anything on here but real life tends to be hectic. Still at my crappy job (9 years now), still single (thank God) and in relatively good health. Weather out here is a little warmer than average but I'm not looking a gift horse in the mouth on that one. I'm seriously thinking of moving from Vegas to Arizona but I don't need to decide on that one yet but I'm leaning towards leaving. My uncle is doing better since my aunt's death a year ago and I'm happy that he's found a wonderful woman that helps him break out of his gruff shell that he's had since I've known him (giving away my age here roughly 40 + years ha, ha!). Other than that, rather boring but thought I'd post something anyway since I was finally in the mood to do so. Hopefully I won't take too long in posting anything again but I've said that before and, well....

It's Been How Long????

Well, I didn't think it was two months since I've last posted anything here but it is. A lot of things have happened since then....finally went back to work and although I love making money again, I wish I were back to doing the things I wanted to do when I wasn't like sleeping :). My beloved Aunt Johannita had finally passed away last month on the 8th after suffering from breast cancer. It was hard having to care for her, especially while I was recovering from back surgery, but she's finally at peace (at least I hope she is) and I still feel like she's here with me alive...I catch myself asking her a question or make some remark to her before I realise she's not here (DUH!) :) Sometimes it seems that she's been gone longer than when she has, stupid, I know. Anyway, I felt like coming back here to write something and when I saw how long it's been, I was shocked so hopefully it wont be THAT long before I write anything down again.



They say that time heals all wounds but I've never bought that. Time may lessen the pain but never completely heals them. Eleven years ago, my best friend was murdered in the attack 09/11/2001. She worked in the North Tower on the 79th floor and was never able to make it out. Today is the 11th anniversary and I'm sitting here drinking quite a few tequila shots following each of them with a spiced rum chaser. Never liked the combination but she always drank them so in her honor, I'm choking them down. I also drug out my photo album so I can look at the radiant smile and mischievous personality that clearly shows in each picture of her and reminds me of a woman that I actually considered more a beloved sister than a best friend. I treasure every single day that I've known her. Today, I drink and grieve and tomorrow I'll move on. I love you, Bethany <333!


Well, it's been...well I forgot when I last updated but here's the latest. I'm progressing a little bit better with my self-rehab but it's going far too slow as far as I'm concerned but I've managed to walk a little farther and lost another 4 pounds (yay). Next week I'll get the staples out of my back and I sure as shit can't wait. Aside from the chronic numbness down my right leg, it's okay, besides, I have another 4 weeks before I can go back to work so I can get more exercises incorporated in my routine. Until next time......


Well, this is my first full week out of the hospital and so far I think I've made a little progress. I'm trying not rely on the walker so I don't use it but sometimes I have to use a cane as I still have some numbness and tingling in my legs. Looked online to find appropriate lower back exercises and found a good one (sucks when you can't afford rehab)...you're supposed to stand against the wall and slide down to a half-sitting position. I tried 10 reps but can't get to the half-sitting position as of yet. I've been able to increase my leg exercises so that's good but the major drawback is that I haven't been able to eat much at all and lost another 5 pounds (maybe not THAT much of a drawback). Well that's it for today so we'll see what happens in a few days.


There's No Place Like Home

Just got home from the hospital today after having major back surgery. Spent 8 miserable days and I can only remember half of them. Family and nurses said I was heavily drugged up to remember the surgery and all..guess this one time ignorance truly is blessed. Best part is that, despite all of the pain of rehab I'll be doing, I won't be at hell, er, work for the next 8 weeks (yay!) and missing all of those damned audits we'll have for the next few weeks HA!HA!HA! Anyway, even though I'm glad to be home now, every single nurse I had did a wonderful job taking care of me and I'll miss that but still like I said in the subject.......


Getting Old

I usually go through life feeling younger than I really am but every once in a while, something comes along as to remind me "you're 45, bitch, you're no spring chicken anymore"....damn! The humidity from the monsoon aggravates my hips and legs to the point that I walk like Fred Sanford and it seems that sometimes I have the memory lapses like Sophia Petrillo :) I wonder what it will be like when I REALLY get old...never mind, I'm not a big fan of horror stories ;) And so life goes on, ha, ha!


Loving The Rain

Ahhhh, July in Vegas....hot temps, stuffy nights and good old monsoonal rains. Drawback is the humidity with 100+ temps but fortunately, this year, we actually got some good rains. If I had it my way, it would rain every single day for a month..at least. Nice to be reminded what rain looks and feels like. Blame It On The Rainnnnnnnnnnnn........